Ben Nye Creme Foundations

Very popular foundation base for both beauty and theatrical makeups that require buildable medium to full coverage and seamless blendability. Ben Nye Creme Foundations blend flawlessly with all creme makeups. Set with Translucent or Neutral Set Face Powders. Seal with a setting spray such as Final Seal or Barrier Spray for a long lasting, water resistant finish. 0.5 oz / 14 gm. Expect 25 - 75 applications

Online Only. Ships in 3-5 days.

Performing Arts (PAS) Series: PAS-1 / Natural Beige (BEK-3), PAS-3 / Ivory (SHK-0), PAS-5 / Olive Tan (ISK-18), PAS-7 / Radiant Olive (ROK-4) 

Proscenuim (P) Series: White (P-1), Geisha (P-022), Pure Ivory (P-0223), Porcelain (P-024), Lite Pink (P-2), Ultra Fair (P-4), Fairest (P-41), Ultra Beige (P-42), Alabaster (P-43), Olive Fair (P-45), Natural Fair (P-5), Natural Tan (P-6), Dark Cocoa (P-8), Black (P-9), Chinese (P-11), Lite Chinese (P-111), Japanese (P-12), Lite Japanese (P-121), Tan Au Lait (P-125), Caramel Tan (P-127), Sallow Green (P-14), Cadaver Grey (P-15), Blue Spirit (P-16), Death Purple (P-17), Death Straw (P-18), Death Flesh (P-19), Pale Vampire (P-20), Frankenstein (P-21), Death Blue Grey (P-22)

Contemporary Theatre (CT) Series: Pale Bisque (CT-01), Bella 001 (CT-05), Bella 002 (CT-09), Cameo Beige (CT-11), Bella 003 (CT-13), Vanilla Almond (CT-15), Pale Honey (CT-17)

Lite (L) Series: Creamy Beige (L-0), Creamy Peach (L-1), Lite Beige (L-2), Rose Beige (L-3), Tan Rose (L-5), 

Tan (T) Series: Golden Tan (T-1)

Olive (Y) Series: Lite Olive (Y-1), Medium Olive (Y-3), Olive Tan (Y-5)

Twenty (TW) Series: Rice Paper (TW-20), Ivory (TW-21), Golden Beige (TW-22), Fawn (TW-23), Honey (TW-24)

Maple (MA) Series: Golden Bronze (MA-1), Brown Sugar (MA-2), Hazelnut (MA-3), Rich Cocoa (MA-4), Coffee Bean (MA-5), Deep Ebony (MA-6)


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