Pro Artist Directory

Looking for a makeup artists local to Southern California and San Diego County? Here are some that have given their information to share with you. Stage and Screen FX does not offer makeup services or have direct affiliation with artists, but we are more than happy to share others'
Are you a makeup artist who would like to be added to the list? Please Submit a request to marked "Pro Artist Directory - Submission" in the header. Must include your full name, website, business phone number, and specialty. We cannot guarantee all submissions will be entered if incomplete.  
Artist Name Website Phone Specialty
MariCarmen Vargas 760-445-2381 face & body paint
Brittany Brooks 760-291-7107 beauty, fantasy, fx
Mackenzie Nieblas 760-840-7339 MUA/esthetician
Susan Marchu 760-458-0315 Henna, face & body paint
Katie Marquardt 626-483-2979 MUA/esthetician
Phoenix Webb 619-723-4416


film makeup