Bdellium Tools - Professional SFX Makeup Brushes

bdellium tools sfx

Bdellium Tools SFX series brushes are professional, eco-friendly makeup brushes built to handle strong dyes and makeup products and create stunning special effects looks. The bristles and brush adhesives are specially formulated to withstand most solvents and brush cleaning solutions. With all sustainable bamboo handles, vegan soft synthetic bristles, and aluminum ferrules, these brushes boast all of the characteristic features of Bdellium Tools and also thrive in the daring realm of special effects makeup. Achieve flawless, reality-defying looks with the SFX series. 

Brushes marked with an * are included in the SFX 12 Piece Brush Set

Brushes Marked with ** are included in the SFX 12 Pc Brush Set (3rd Collection)


SFX 179 Muscle -Creatively angled and textured for painting multiple lines in unison. Perfect for striations in muscles and many other organic patterning.

SFX 153 Capillary -This brush is designed for small, capillary detailing and fine line work, such as painting theatrical tattoos.

SFX 156 Veining -Bring your creation to life. Create the most realistic veins for any facet of FX makeup using this veining brush.

SFX 157 Large Veining - A larger version of the veining brush from the first series, this is useful for larger veins/arteries and sculpting. Bdellium Tools SFX series brushes are professional, eco-friendly makeup.

SFX 110 Splatter -This brush was designed to perfectly create a spray and/or splatter of color to emulate the natural look of skin. This brush is also great for carefully brushing in hair whiteners and streaks in mustaches.

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