Bdellium Studio Series 12 pc. Eyes Brush Set with Roll-up Pouch

Bdellium Tools brings the highest quality brushes to you in a convenient travel sized eye brush set with a roll up pouch. These brushes are some of the highest quality makeup brushes available on the market today. Each brush is treated with an anti-bacterial coating. 12 tools tailored to meet the needs for eye makeup application.Pouch included has 16 pockets of varying widths to accommodate a wide range of contents, with 4 side pockets to hold small or loose items in place.

(Brushes are regular Studio Size, not travel size)

#785T Tapered Blending
#780T Pencil
#778T Large Shadow
#776T Blending
#772T Small Shader
#766T Angled Shadow
#763T Angled Brow
#760T Liner/Brow
#755T Smudge
#733T Lash
#714T Flat Eye Definer
#710T Eye Liner


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