Neutral Set Powder (colorless) - Ben Nye

Neutral Set Powder is your classic, colorless, mattifying setting powder that artists have been using in all environments for decades. It is beloved in theatrical, drag, and cosplay genres because its formulation helps limit the perspiration and oil that affect makeup. Available in a wide range of sizes. Neutral Set Powder is ideal for performers and artists whose clients will need durable makeup applications. 

Best applied with a full, soft powder brush like the Ben Nye PA-151 or with a Velour Powder Puff 

The main difference between Ben Nye's Neutral Setting Powder and Colorless Luxury powder is the texture. Luxury powder is triple milled and gives the skin a super soft texture and airbrushed look. Both Neutral set and Colorless powder are appropriate for all skin tones, and do not have any added color.  

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