Empty Blood Capsuples - Mehron

12 empty gelatin capsules. Natural food grade and digestible. Non-toxic. Easy to fill with mouth safe liquid or powdered stage blood, so you can drip, ooze, or squirt blood from the mouth in real-time scenes where active bleeding is required.

Capsules can be pre-filled and will hold their shape until needed for use. Open a capsule and fill one half up with the Stage blood, then close it by sliding the other half over it. When ready, place a blood filled gelatin capsule in the mouth, and bite down on it to release the blood for a spurting or spitting action. For a subtle bleeding trickle effect, let capsule dissolve in mouth to release the blood more slowly. Filled capsules can also be used under a small simulated wound that needs to actively bleed. Just pre-moisten with a bit of water to soften the outside of the capsule, then puncture it so it will also slowly release the blood.

Package contains 12 gelatin capsules only. Stage Blood sold separately

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