Iwata HP-BH Hi-Line Precision Airbrush *Fine Detail*

Hi-Control of Hi-Precision Work

*This is our favorite airbrush for high detailed precise control. Always predictable, always perfect lines. Great for eyeliner and vein work. The professional Makeup Artist's go-to airbrush for HD beauty makeup that requires extreme closeups.

Featuring the ultimate in air control directly at the nozzle with Iwata's new Micro Air Control (MAC) Valve Technology, the Hi-Line Series doesn't just change air pressure instantly, it changes the way you airbrush.

Designed for artists who need extreme control of detailed spraying, this series uses larger diameter threads on the nozzle than the High Performance Series. This makes the nozzle much stronger when tightening it onto the airbrush and ensures better centering of the nozzle when it screws onto the airbrush body.

The Hi-Line Series is now made with PTFE needle packing, a dual-purpose cutaway, pre-set handle and one-piece auxiliary lever/needle chucking guide.

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