MediaPro Concealer & Adjusters

Ben Nye Neutralizers and Concealers are creamy and easy to apply. They are great for correcting under the eye and any skin discolorations.


CTR-01 Lavender (Corrector), CTR-03 Mint (Corrector), CTR-05 Peach (Corrector), CTR-07 Burnt Orange (Corrector), CTR-09 Ochre Tan (Corrector), MY-1 Fair (Mellow Yellow), MY-11 Medium (Mellow Yellow), MY-2 Normal (Mellow Yellow), MY-4 Original (Mellow Yellow), NR-1 No.1 (Red Neutralizer), NR-2 No.2 (Red Neutralizer), NR-3 No.3 (Red Neutralizer), MO-11 Lite (Mellow Orange), MO-2 Medium (Mellow Orange), NB-1 No.1 (Blue Neutralizer), NB-2 No.2 (Blue Neutralizer), NB-3 No.3 (Blue Neutralizer), NT-1 No.1 (Tattoo Cover), NT-2 No.2 (Tattoo Cover), NT-3 No.3 (Tattoo Cover), NT-4 No.4 (Tattoo Cover), CC-0 Ultralite (Coverette Cover-Up), CC-1 Ultra Fair (Coverette Cover-Up), CC-2 Fair (Coverette Cover-Up), CC-3 Medium (Coverette Cover-Up), FS-1 Studio Beard Cover (Five O' Sharp), FS-3 Olive Beard Cover (Five O' Sharp), HY-1 Yellow Highlight No.1 (Special Highlight & Concealer), GC-1 Green Concealer No.1 (Special Highlight & Concealer), SC-2 Lightest Brown (Mojave Adjusters), SC-3 Light Brown (Mojave Adjusters), SC-5 Adobe Brown (Mojave Adjusters), SC-6 Sienna Orange (Mojave Adjusters), SC-7 Light Ochre (Mojave Adjusters), SC-75 Golden Ochre (Mojave Adjusters), SC-8 Golden Yellow (Mojave Adjusters), SC-9 Apricot (Mojave Adjusters), SC-12 Brick (Mojave Adjusters), SC-18 Brunt Brown (Mojave Adjusters)

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