MediaPro Pouder Compacts

Ben Nye's MediaPRO Poudre Compact Powders are ultra-light and micro-milled for a matte, satiny finish. Apply to set Sheer or Matte HD Foundation or as a touch-up to eliminate shine. Expect 100-350 applications.MediaPRO is Ben Nye's global makeup collection for film, fashion, bridal, theatre and HD broadcast.


HDC-00 Colorless, HDC-010 Bella 010, HDC-002 Bella 002, HDC-003 Bella 003, HDC- 004 Bella 004, HDC-005 Bella 005, HDC-006 Bella 006, HDC-102 Rose Petal, HDC-104 Cameo, HDC-105 Banana Light, HDC-106 Banana, HDC-110 Mocha, MHC-30 Topaz, MHC-31 Golden Light, MHC-33 Caramel, MHC-35 Honey Spice, MHC-37 Sepia, MHC-39 Moroccan, MHC-41 Adobe, MHC-43 Tanzania, MHC-45 Americano 

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