Monster Makers RD-407 Liquid Mask Latex

  • Fast drying. Natural Color (translucent flesh color)
  • Professional grade liquid latex used for makeup, and professional masks
  • Easy to use for fx makeup, not runny and can be brushed on
  • Great for making wound prosthetic transfers
  • Can be thinned down
  • Although we do have smaller sizes of latex available, we only stock Monster Makers in 5 gallon pails.

Note: 5 gallon quantities of RD-407 from Monster Makers are special order and ship in 10 business days. If you need it quick, please call us to arrange for pickup at the shop. 

PICKUP ONLY DURING FREEZING MONTHS. Although not available on our site during winter months, we do keep an in store stock. Latex and Prosaide is ruined if frozen. Please call the shop at 215-412-3006 for pickup arrangements.

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