Refillable Studio Color Palettes - Ben Nye

Ben Nye's Studio Color palettes are a collection of “kit-ready” Palettes for every artist. Though compact in size, each Palette offers 12 refillable colors to tackle any design, big or small. The clear lid offers instant visibility for efficient organization and prep. Studio Color Palettes are refillable when you want to replace or swap out colors. Empty Palettes are also available.

Creme Palettes 

Fair MatteHD Foundation (STP-05) - 8 Color Palette. Refillable creme colors included: IS-1, CE-1, SH-0, CE-3; P-42, SH-2, CE-5, BE-1

Olive MatteHD Foundation (STP-07) - 8 Color Palette. Refillable creme colors Included: BE-3, OB-2, IS-18, BO-13; MH-02, SH-4, NO-7, NO-9

Brown MatteHD Foundation (STP-09) - 8 Color Palette. Refillable creme colors Included: Au Lait RFSA-1, Mocha RFSA-5, Sumatra RFSA-7, Brown Suede RFMH-14, Bamboo 15 RFBO-15, Bamboo 14 - RFBO-14, Bamboo 18 RFBO-18, Espresso Bean RFMH-20.

Blush + Contour: Light-Medium (STP-11) - 6 Blush, 3 Highlights, 3 Contours. Refillable creme colors included: Ultra Light REMCH-03, Blushing Bride REMCB-08, Neutral REMCS-01, Palest Pink REMCH-02, Guava Blush REMCB-09, Raspberry RECR-4, Medium REMCS-05, Banana REMCH-10, Carnation REMCB-02, Real Red REMCB-17, Dark Brown RECS-4

Blush + Contour: Medium-Dark (STP-13) - 3 highlights, 3 shadows and 6 rouge shades to add vibrancy and contour. Beautiful on medium to dark skin tones. Can also be used to light skin, especially for theatre. Refillable creme colors (colors not listed)

Concealer +  Adjuster (STP-15) - Concealers, adjusters, and correctors. Refillable creme colors included: Mellow Yellow Fair REMY-1, Tattoo Cover RENT-1, Ultra Fair RECC-1, Mint RECTR-03, Red Neutrilizer 2 RENR-2, Blue Neutralizer 1 RENB-1, Studio Beard Cover REFS-1, Yellow Highlight 1 REHY-1, Mellow Yellow Normal REMY-2, Tattoo Cover 2 RENT-2, DuraCover 130 REDV-130, Burnt Orange RECTR-07

Lumiere Creme Studio Palette (STP-21) - Bold, Brush, Metallic Creme Colors, now available in your favorite refillable studio palette! Refillable creme colors included: Bronze RELCR-5, Indian Copper RELCR-21, Tangerine RELCR-7, Ice RELCR-1, Silver RELCR-4, Jade RELCR-10, Cosmic Violet RELCR-17, Azalea RELCR-15, Cherry Red RELCR-155, Sun Yellow RELCR-6, Cosmic Blue RELCR-12, Royal Purple RELCR-13 . A Theater favorite!

All-For-One Lip Color (STP-31) - Refillable creme colors included: Nudie RELS-55, Nude #1 RELS-, Blushable RELS-56, Mocha Rose RELS-19, Watermelon RELS-48, Sassy Pink REPO-310, Pink Tart RELS-52, Wild Violet RELS-60, Poppy RELS-50, True Red RELCS-3, Marilyn Red RELS-33, Russian Red RELS-3

Essential FX (STP-41) - Refillable creme colors included: Burnt Coral REFX-3, Sallow Green REFX-11, Purple REFX-6, Goldenrod REFX-121, Dark Crimson REFX-35, Sapphire Blue REFX-10, Vein REFX-91, Dried Blood REFX-32, Fresh Cut REFX-34, Charcoal Blue REFX-4, Dark Burgundy REFX-5, Black REFX-8

Undead FX (STP-45) - Death color Foundations and FX contour colors. Refillable creme colors included: Dried Blood REFX-32, Frankenstein REP-21, Cadaver Grey REP-15, Misty Violet RECL-17, Fresh Cut REFX-34, Pale Vampire REP-20, Death Straw REP-18, Death Flesh REP-19, Black REFX-8, Maroon REFX-31, Blue Spirit REP-16, White REFX-0

Pressed Powder Palettes 

Bella Poudre / Pressed Powder (STP-53) - 8 refillable shades for light-medium complexions. Provides an airbrushed finish and silky texture. 

Mojave Poudre / Pressed Powder (STP-55) - 8 refillable shades for medium-dark complexions or for contouring. Provides an airbrushed finish and silky texture. 

Fashion Blush / Pressed Powder (STP-63) -  Cool and warm Blush shades. Refillable pressed powder colors included: Blushing Bride REDR-74, Strawberry REDR-164, Dusty Pink REDR-21, Cool Pink REDR-16, Just Pink REDR-168, Nectarine REDR-75, Pink Bliss REDR-162, Fuchsia REDR-4, Victorian Rose REDR-61, Fresh Coral REDR-6, Red Hot RECDS-2

Vivid Blush / Pressed Powder (STP-65) - 8 intensely pigmented shared provide rich color for any occasion. A little goes a long way with these colors! Beautiful on all complexions, especially popular for theater and stage.

Eye Shadow Pressed Powder Palettes 

Essential Eye Shadow / Pressed Powder (STP-71) A must have staple for your kit. This is all you need in your kit for a natural to smokey eye. Refillable colors included: Vanilla REES-302, Cork REES-50, Smokey Taupe REES-36, Graphite REES-98, Honey REES-319, Santa Fe REES-32, Eggplant REES-32, Black Plum REES-75, Shell REES-314, Mink Stole REES-37, Black Brown REES-595, Black REES-99

Cool Glam Shadow / Pressed Powder (STP-73)  Cool velvety tones come together in this stunning must-have smokey palette. Refillable colors included: Shell REES-314, Lavender Dusk REES-81, Lilac Grey REES-96, Graphite REES-98, Coco Brown REES-538, Mossberry REES-62, Eggplant REES-782, Indigo REES-91, Au Naturelle REES-318, Mink Stole REES-37, Black-Brown REES-595, Black REES-99

Classy Chic Eye and Cheek / Pressed Powder (STP-76) Shadow, Blush and Lumière Ice & Rose Gold. Refillable colors included: Ice RELU-1, Shell REES-314, Dusty Pink REDR-21, Rose Gold RELU-22, Smokey Taupe REES-36, Cork REES-50, Pink Bliss REDR-162, Fresh Coral REDR-72, Black REES-99, Espresso REES-56, Pink Blush REDR-12, Nectarine REDR-75

Modern Neutrals Pearl Sheen / Pressed Powder (STP-84) Pearl sheen satin finish shimmer neutrals for day or night. Silky texture. Refillable colors included: White REPS-1, Sandstorm REPS-303, Sun Goddess REPS 310, Galaxy Dust REPS-385, Bronze REPS-18, Copper REPS-14, Walnut REPS-13, Umber Glow REPS-312, Rose REPS-9, Charcoal REPS-21, Electric Eal REPS-380, Sapphire REPS-6

Modern Brights Pearl Sheen / Pressed Powder (STP-85) Colorful jewel tones with Ben Nye's famous satiny texture. Refillable colors included: White REPS-1, Sun Goddess REPS 310, Lilac Fizz REPS-330, Tahitian Teal REPS-350, Sandstorm REPS-303, Deep Cove RE{S-360, Sizzleberry REPS-320, Galaxy Dust REPS-385, Gold REPS-15, Hot Mango REPS-315, Green Envy REPS-340, Night Club REPS-395

Lumiere Grande Colour / Pressed Powder (STP-88) Brilliant, luminescent jewel tones. Can be used wet or dry for an intense, opaque, metallic sheen. Refillable colors included: Ice RELU-1, Aztec Gold RELU-3, Chartreuse RELU-8, Cosmic Blue RELU-12, Iced Gold RELU-2, Indian Copper RELU-21, Tangerine RELU-7, Cosmic Violet RELU-17, Turquoise RELU-11, Azalea RELU-16, Jade RELU-10

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