Wolfe FX Palettes are extremely versatile and now come in a convenient heavy duty refillable case for face and body painters on-the-go! Just dip your brush in water and your ready to paint. Glides on easy with lasting color. Washes off with soap and water. Wolfe face paint will not smear under normal circumstances, remains bright and colorful, and is comfortable to wear. Apply with a body painting hydro sponge or a brush. For Large areas, a sponge is easier to base out with.

12 Color Essentials Palette includes: White (001), Dark Grey (006), Black (010), Brown (020), Red (030), Pink (032), Orange (040), Yellow (050), Light Green (057), Sea Green(064), Blue (070) and Lilac (078).

6 Color Essential Colors includes: Black (010), White (001), Red (030), Yellow (050), Light Green (057) and Blue (070).

Metallix Palette includes: Metallic Rose (M30), Metallic Gold (M100), Metallic White (M01), Metallic Forest Green(M62), Metallic Blue (M70), and Metallic Fuchsia (M32).

Monster Palette:The colors included on this palette are Charcoal(008), Blood (028), Raw Sienna(052),
Orc (053), Blithe (065), and Bruise(082).

Skinz Palette includes: Fair (012), Rich Ivory (014), Honey Beige (015), Golden Brown (017), Saddle Brown (019), and Ebony (025).

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