Mehron ALL-PRO Special FX Kit

Mehron's Special FX Kit is equipped with all the makeup and tools needed to create a wide variety of out-of-kit Special Effects makeup applications. This kit has everything you need to start and is a popular required kit for schools specializing in theater and fx makeup. 

A $225 Value +

Special Effects All-Pro Kit Includes:
8 Color Palette Includes: 3 Mask Covers & 5 Color Cup Colors
4.5 oz. Liquid Latex Clear
1 oz. Squirt Blood
Large Powder Puff
2 oz. 3-D Clear Gel
Stage Blood
.5 oz. Coagulated Blood
1 oz. Barrier Spray
Crepe Hair
3 Full Size Stageline Makeup Brushes
Colorset Powder
1 oz. Makeup Remover Lotion
1 oz. Brush Cleaner
1 oz. Spirit Gum Remover
Spirit Gum
Tooth FX Blood Red
Tooth FX Nicotine
Rigid Collodion
Fixative A
1 oz. Hair White
Modeling Putty/Wax
Extra Flesh
Bruise ColorRing
Stipple Sponge
Non Latex Sponge
Cotton Swabs
2 Prosthetic Bullet Holes
1 Prosthetic Wound
Application Guide - Special Effects

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