Clear Prosthetic Adhesive and Pax Base

This non-latex based adhesive is a popular adhesive to adhere latex, foam latex and gelatin prosthetics. This can be used as a base to create your own PAX paint for painting latex. To make PAX, add 1/2 Prosthetic Adhesive to 1/2 Acrylic Paint. Can be airbrushed.Can also be used in creating 3D prosthetic transfers.

As an adhesive: Apply 2 layers to clean skin and wait 30 seconds until adhesive is clear and tacky. Hold prosthetic down for a few seconds. Pressure sensitive. Non-toxic. Removes easily with IPM (isopropyl myristate), Pros-aide Remover, PPI Super Solv remover, or 99% Isopropyl alcohol.


Do not allow this product to freeze. Do NOT use on eye area.


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