Smooth-On Mold Max 30

Mold Max™ Silicones are tin-cured silicone rubber compounds that have exceptional working properties and library life. Mold Max™ Silicones feature Smooth-On’s exclusive “Libra™” catalyst for long library life. Mold Max™ silcones can be pigmented with Silc Pig™ silicone colorants. Pot life for the pourable silicones is 45 minutes and they cure overnight at room temperature.

Vacuum degassing mixed material using a vacuum pump and chamber to remove entrapped air is recommended.


  • Mold Max™ Silicones will reproduce the finest detail and are suitable for a variety of industrial and art related applications including making molds for reproducing prototypes, furniture, sculpture and architectural elements.
  • Mold Max™ 30 can be thickened with THI-VEX™ additive for brush-on applications.
  • Mold Max™ Silicones can be used to cast a variety of materials including wax, gypsum, low melt alloys/metals and urethane, epoxy or polyester resins (without using a release agent).

Data At-A-Glance

Mix Ratio By Weight 100A:10B
Specific Gravity 1.18 g/cc
Specific Volume 23.5 cu. in./lb.
Color Pink
Shore Hardness 30 A
Tensile Strength 577 psi
100% Modulus 110 psi
Elongation @ Break 300 %
Die B Tear Strength 125 pli
Shrinkage 0.002 in. / in.
Pot Life 45 minutes
Cure Time 24 hours
Useful Temperature (max) 400 °F
Useful Temperature (min) -65 °F
Mixed Viscosity 25,000 cps

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