Smooth-On Smooth-Sil 940

Smooth-Sil 940 Platinum Silicone cures at room temperature with negligible shrinkage. This Food Safe Silicone is popular with making ice trays, chocolate molds and more!  These silicones exhibit good chemical, abrasion and heat resistance. Materials such as plasters, concrete, wax, low-melt metal alloys or resins (urethane, epoxy or polyester) can be cast into these silicone rubbers without a release agent.

Data At-A-Glance

Specific Gravity 1.18 g/cc
Specific Volume 23.4 cu. in./lb.
Color Pink
Pot Life 30 minutes
Cure Time 24 hours
Mix Ratio By Weight 100A:10B
Shore Hardness 40 A
Tensile Strength 600 psi
100% Modulus 200 psi
Elongation @ Break 300 %
Die B Tear Strength 100 pli
Shrinkage <.001 in. / in.
Useful Temperature (min) -65 °F
Useful Temperature (max) 450 °F
Mixed Viscosity 35,000 cps

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