Ultracal 30 Plaster

USG Ultracal® 30 Gypsum Cement is a traditional tooling gypsum cement, specially formulated for close tolerance tooling. Low absorption USG Ultracal® 30 Gypsum Cement:

  • Is recommended where extreme accuracy and surface hardness are required (i.e. duplicator molds)
  • Provides the lowest expansion of any rapid-setting gypsum cement
  • Is ideal for splash-casting molds and models for phenolic, polyester and epoxy resins
  • Sets 25-35 minutes after machine mixing
  • MIX RATIO: Requires 38 parts water by weight per 100 parts plaster

Do NOT mix with your hands. Paint mixer, jiffy mixer or paddle is the most commonly used.

WARNING: This product is for making molds of industrial patterns only. When mixed with water, ultra cal undergoes a chemical reaction which causes it to harden and then slowly become very hot and highly alkaline (corrosive to skin like drain cleaner.) If mixed incorrectly this process can happen very rapidly. DO NOT attempt to make a mold enclosing any part of the body using this material. Failure to follow these instructions can cause severe chemical burns that may require surgical removal of affected tissue. Dust from products may cause eye, skin, nose, throat, or respiratory irritation. Use eye, skin, and respiratory protection in accordance with good industrial hygiene practices. Read MSDS of product for specific details. Product safety information: 800-507-8899. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. 



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