Character Makeup - Sculpture Breakdown & Mold Making - Part Two

Master makeup effects artist Bruce Spaulding Fuller (TERMINATOR 2, PREDATOR 2, ARMY OF DARKNESS) concludes his 2-Part mold making course series with a budget-friendly approach to breaking down and molding a full-head prosthetic character sculpture.

Approximate Runtime - 05:45:41

This DVD is a 2-Disc Set


  • Creating Finger Positives
  • Opening & Cleaning Epoxical Molds
  • Cylinder Molds vs Basket Molds
  • Repatching, Blending Off, Repair & Texture Detail
  • Creating Keys, Cleaning & Flashing for the Two-Part Head Mold
  • Cleaning Molds with Solvents
  • Prepping the Head Piece for a Two-Part Mold – Seams & Undercuts
  • Preparing for the Second Part of the Two-Part Mold - The Head Piece
  • Opening the Finished Molds

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