Creating Alien Makeups Part 2: Color, Paint, Stencil & Removal

Learn to add otherworldy color & detail to Star Trek-style alien makeups with Emmy-winning makeup artist Brad Look (Star Trek: Voyager & Enterprise, Westworld, The Hunger Games 1 & 2).

In Part Two of his 3-part course series, Look teaches you how to use a vibrant combination of Chromaline & PAX paints, as well as Aqua & Alcohol colors, and even stenciling to complete your alien makeup application. You'll also pick up best practices for removing prosthetics gently and efficiently to preserve your actor's skin and get them ready for their next day in the makeup chair.

Approximate Runtime - 02:30:09


  • Mixing & Incorporating Chromaline Paints
  • Applying Aqua Colors to Sensitive Areas of the Face
  • Tips for Using PAX Paint on Prosthetics
  • Stencil Technique
  • Airbrushing Organic Details with Alcohol Colors
  • Proper Makeup Removal

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