EBA Endura Airbrush Packs

Alcohol based. Provides exception wear ability and water resistance when used on human skin and it also holds extremely well when used on foam and silicone prosthetics.

EBA's Endura line of alcohol-based paints are waterproof and can be removed only by using alcohol or removers Telesis Supersolv, or IPM (Isopropyl Myristate)

Undead  Light Grey, Pale Dead, Nicotine Stain, Aged Blood, Vein Blood, Bruise Purple, Dirty Brown, Night Swamp, Vein Tone, Charcoal

Bruce Fuller Autopsy Tendon, Tainted Tissue, Bile, Spleen, Liver, Fetid Flesh, Clot, Rancid, Decayed, Contusion

Contour N1, C1, C2, Graphite, Maroon, Henna Brown, Seaweed Green, Oil Spill, Aged Tattoo, Intense Purple

SFX  Prime Yellow, Prime Red, Prime Blue, Fresh Blood, Mauve, Bruise Red, Dried Blood,  Green, Black, White 


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