HD Matte Powder (colorless) - Ben Nye

Ben Nye HD Matte Powder is their most finely-milled setting powder. HD Matte Powder delivers a flawless matte complexion that diffuses light, reducing the appearance of texture. Delivers a freshly airbrushed finish. This ultra-fine powder is incredibly silky, and lighter than air. This true HD powder is an essential makeup product for film, broadcast television, bridal, and editorial makeup artists.

Tip: Pick up a very small amount of powder on a fluffy brush, and apply a light dusting around the face. Use a smaller fluffy dome brush to apply powder in smooth sweeping motion underneath the eyes, around the nose, and detailed areas of the face. Blend away any excess powder before the end of the makeup application.

HDP-1 One Size .32oz / 9 gm.

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