3 Point Beard / Full Chin Beard - Human Hair - Item # 2023

100% human hair. Apply with Spirit Gum. Can be reused many times when carefully removed with Spirit Gum Remover or PPI Unlace.

This 3 point beard is larger than a goatee, but not as large as a full beard. Perfect for a realistic "Lincoln" style beard.

Description: This beard can be trimmed to fit any size and style you want. It is hand tied on sheer lace and the lace is pleated to fit around a chin.
Size: One size. (This beard measures 6" wide and 3" tall) Made with 100% human hair. Spirit Gum or Toupee Tape is needed to apply these beards, no ear loops.

* Please note, because these are hand made, each piece is slightly different and varies in color. Comes flat in package and must be styled to achieve the look in the photo.

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