Pros-Aide NO TACK by ADM Tronics - Popular PAX Base

All the great properties of "The Original" Pros-Aide but with less residual tackiness.

Pros-Aide No-Tack is used just like Pros-Aide for producing PAX paint but has significantly reduced stickiness or tack after drying.

No-Tack has great adhesion, water-resistance and flexibility.

Pros-Aide is the base for PAX Paint, a combination of water-based colors with Pros-Aide. PAX Paint is a flexible color with high bond strengths used for the skin and many surfaces.

Pros-Aide has been used in thousands of projects in filming major motion pictures, stage and TV. Also available, is the Pros-Aide Go Kit 

* Removes easily with Pros-Aide Remover IPM, and Telesis Super Solv 


PICKUP ONLY DURING FREEZING MONTHS. Although not available on our site during winter months, we do keep an in store stock. Latex and Prosaide is ruined if frozen. Please call the shop at 215-412-3006 for pickup arrangements.


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