Skin Illustrator Eryn Krueger Mekash's American Horror Story Palette

Created for American Horror Story's Makeup Dept. Head, Eryn Krueger Mekash. This unique palette contains two new colors specifically designed by her makeup crew for the AHS series. 'Coven' and 'Assylum' were added to the palette to meet the demanding needs of AHS. From beauty and old age to bloody zombies and witches, the American Horror Palette is an integral part of this award winning show.


Eryn Kruger Mekash and Mike Mekash recreate "Pepper the Pinhead" from American Horror Story: Season two: Asylum. Actress - Naomi Grossman

The colors can easily be applied with a brush, sponge or mascara wand. Use it alone, or mix the colors with any of the other Skin Illustrator tones to create your own unique blend of color.

You must use Skin Illustrator Activator ,Skin Illustrator Slow Activator or 99% alcohol to activate the color pigment. Do Not use 70% alcohol, MEK, acetone, water or any other solvent.

Activate ONLY with 99% Alcohol or Skin Illustrator Activator. Removes easily with Telesis Super Solv.


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