Smooth-On PoYo Putty

PoYo Putty 40 is a two-component mold making silicone (tin catalyst) that can be mixed and applied “on site” – directly to almost any model. PoYo Putty will hold any vertical surface and capture even the finest detail - perfect for making strong rubber molds that can be used within minutes. 

 PoYo Putty has been used to make molds of valuable antiques and archeological models and can be used to make fast molds of sculpture, prototypes, candles, picture frames, coins, etc. You can cast wax, gypsum and a variety of resins into PoYo Putty molds.


  • Use Less – Do More: Because PoYo is applied as a thin layer, less material is used, saving you money. Molds are also lightweight, making them easier to handle.
  • Pot life and cure time can be adjusted (faster or slower) by varying the amount of Part B catalyst.
  • User Friendly - PoYo™ Putty can be measured and mixed by volume (no scale necessary).
  • It will stick to itself and other silicone rubbers, giving the user many application options or for using as a silicone rubber repair material.

Data At-A-Glance

Mix Ratio By Weight 100A:6B
Mix Ratio By Volume 20A:1B
Specific Gravity 1.30 g/cc
Specific Volume 21.31 cu. in./lb.
Pot Life 5 minutes
Cure Time 30 minutes
Color Light Pink
Shore Hardness 40 A
Tensile Strength 450 psi
Elongation @ Break 250 %
Die B Tear Strength 85 pli
Shrinkage 0.003 in. / in.
Useful Temperature (min) -65 °F
Useful Temperature (max) 400 °F
Mixed Viscosity Putty

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