Telesis 5 Silicone Adhesive / Thinner

TELESIS 5 SILICONE ADHESIVE is the most popular and widely used adhesive in the industry today. Similar in quality and characteristics to the popular Dow Corning 355 Medical Adhesive of the past, Telesis 5 has become the staple adhesive of Hollywood. Telesis 5 is a medical grade, pressure sensitive adhesive, perfect for bonding silicone and latex pieces, especially around the eyes and mouth or other areas that are troublesome to glue down.

We recommend you use Telesis 5 Silicone adhesive in conjunction with Telesis 5 Thinner to desired consistency for optimum results.

TELESIS 5 THINNER is a non-flammable, medical grade Thinner designed for diluting Telesis 5 Silicone Adhesive. It can also be used with Telesis 5 Matte Lace Adhesive and Telesis 7 Silicone Adhesive. 

Telesis adhesives and Thinners have proven to be both safe and highly effective in the medical, makeup and cosmetic industries. All products have been tested by independent labs for dermal irritation and inhalation levels and they do not contain any known carcinogens reproductive toxins or cyto-toxins. PPI, Premiere Products Inc, is an FDA licensed cosmetic manufacturer.

Removal is easy with Telesis Remover - Silicone Adhesive Remover

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