Tim Gore's Bloodline & Lifeline Illustration Colors

Tim Gore's Bloodline are a special set of Illustration Colors which have muted, naturalistic hues. Bloodline are made with the same resin as Illustration Colors and share the same performance attributes. Bloodline colors are transparent, although colors appear opaque due to over-saturated pigment load.
Colors dry to a matte finish. Water-based acrylic airbrush paints with a very high pigment volume for saturated colors. Apply with airbrush or traditional brush.

* It is highly suggested to use the Bloodline Adhesion Promoter when painting latex and soft flexible plastics

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Lifeline Colors

Flesh-toned colors created to compliment Bloodline for more natural-looking applications. Lifeline sprays out of the bottle with a 0.3mm airbrush tip size or larger. Thin with 4011 Reducer for increased transparency and flow with the smallest airbrush tip-sizes.

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