Ben Nye Matte HD Foundations

Ben Nye Matte HD Foundations offer a wide, diverse variety of balanced shades that blend smoothly for sheer to medium-full coverage. Can be layered for opacity. The Ultra-light HD compliant texture is ideal for broadcast, fashion, bridal, ballet, and opera, theatre and everyday. Comes in a shade for every skin tone!

Smooth, light texture offers moderate coverage that builds naturally for full coverage. Set lightly with Ben Nye Neutral Setting Powder.

 Online only. Ships in 3-5 days.  

Bamboo (BO) Series: Bamboo 10 (BO-10) , Bamboo 13 (BO-13), Bamboo 14 (BO-14), Bamboo 15 (BO-15), Bamboo 16 (BO-16), Bamboo 17 (BO-17), Bamboo 18  (BO-18)

Modern Media (MM) Series: Pale Bisque (MM-104), Cameo Beige (MM-108), Silky Peach (MM-112), Pale Honey (MM-497)

Bella (BEL) Series: Bella 010 (BEL-010), Bella 001 (BEL-001), Bella 002 (BEL-002), Bella 003 (BEL-003), Bella 004 (BEL-004)

Natural Olive (NO) Series: Pale Biscotte (NO-1), Biscotte (NO-3), Brulee (NO-5), Soft Caramel (NO-7), Tan Brulee (NO-9)

Shinsei (SH) Series: Ivory (SH-0), Fairest (SH-1), Fair (SH-2), Medium (SH-3), Deep (SH-4)

Cine (CE) Series: Fairest (CE-1), Fair CE-2, Light Beige (CE-3), Beige (CE-5), Light Tan (CE-7), Tan (CE-9)

Soft Beige (BE) Series: Cameo (BE-1), Natural Beige (BE-3), Warm Sand (BE-5)

Beige Natural (BN) Series: Beige Natural 1 (BN-1), Beige Natural 2 (BN-2), Beige Natural 3 (BN-3), Beige Natural 4 (BN-4)

Olive Beige (OB): Olive Beige 1 (OB-1), Olive Beige 2 (OB-2), Olive Beige 3 (OB-3)

International (IS) Series: Special White (IS-1), Pure Ivory (IS-3), Bare Beige (IS-8), Olive Tan (IS-18), Chinois Medium (IS-35), Soleil (IS-41)

Classic Matte Series: Naturelle (EB-1), Naturelle Buff (EB-6), Fair (N-1), Mocha Creme (FT-8), Golden Ebony (FT-13)

Ciniora (CN) Series: Ultra (CN-0), Tres Clair (CN-010), Clair (CN-001), Barely Beige (CN-002), True Beige (CN-003)

Sahara (SA) Series: Au Lait (SA-1), Golden Latte (SA-2), Latte (SA-3), Mocha (SA-5), Sumatra (SA-7), Java (SA-9), Espresso (SA-11), Americano (SA-15), Dark Chocolate (SA-117)

Mojave (MH) Series: Almond (MH-02), Pecan (MH-04), Praline (MH-06), Rio Tan (MH-07), Golden Spice (MH-08), Coco Sorbet (MH-10), Brazil Nut (MH-11), Mojave Bronze (MH-12), Brown Suede (MH-14), Semi-Sweet (MH-16), Tanzania (MH-17), Coco Souffle (MH-18) Espresso Bean (MH-20)


 * Indicates discontinued

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