Matte HD Foundations - Ben Nye

The silky texture and extensive color range of MatteHD Foundations makes them beloved by professionals. Formulated with 38-40% pigment, these creme-style foundations achieve desired results with the least amount of product. The matte finish appears natural on camera and requires minimal powder to set. 

Foundations are medium coverage and can be effortlessly layered to achieve total, opaque coverage. The ultra-blendable consistency allows for a lighter, sheer application when desired. Available in an extensive range of cool, warm, and neutral shades to get the perfect match with every makeup application. 

14gm/0.5oz. Expect 50-250 applications.

Set with Ben Nye Neutral Setting Powder.


Bamboo (BO) Series: Bamboo 10 (BO-10) , Bamboo 13 (BO-13), Bamboo 14 (BO-14), Bamboo 15 (BO-15), Bamboo 16 (BO-16), Bamboo 17 (BO-17), Bamboo 18  (BO-18)

Modern Media (MM) Series: Pale Bisque (MM-104), Cameo Beige (MM-108), Silky Peach (MM-112), Pale Honey (MM-497)

Bella (BEL) Series: Bella 010 (BEL-010), Bella 001 (BEL-001), Bella 002 (BEL-002), Bella 003 (BEL-003), Bella 004 (BEL-004)

Natural Olive (NO) Series: Pale Biscotte (NO-1), Biscotte (NO-3), Brulee (NO-5), Soft Caramel (NO-7), Tan Brulee (NO-9)

Shinsei (SH) Series: Ivory (SH-0), Fairest (SH-1), Fair (SH-2), Medium (SH-3), Deep (SH-4)

Cine (CE) Series: Fairest (CE-1), Fair CE-2, Light Beige (CE-3), Beige (CE-5), Light Tan (CE-7), Tan (CE-9)

Soft Beige (BE) Series: Cameo (BE-1), Natural Beige (BE-3), Warm Sand (BE-5)

Beige Natural (BN) Series: Beige Natural 1 (BN-1), Beige Natural 2 (BN-2), Beige Natural 3 (BN-3), Beige Natural 4 (BN-4)

Olive Beige (OB): Olive Beige 1 (OB-1), Olive Beige 2 (OB-2), Olive Beige 3 (OB-3)

International (IS) Series: Special White (IS-1), Pure Ivory (IS-3), Bare Beige (IS-8), Olive Tan (IS-18), Chinois Medium (IS-35), Soleil (IS-41)

Classic Matte Series: Naturelle (EB-1), Naturelle Buff (EB-6), Fair (N-1), Mocha Creme (FT-8), Golden Ebony (FT-13)

Ciniora (CN) Series: Ultra (CN-0), Tres Clair (CN-010), Clair (CN-001), Barely Beige (CN-002), True Beige (CN-003)

Sahara (SA) Series: Au Lait (SA-1), Golden Latte (SA-2), Latte (SA-3), Mocha (SA-5), Sumatra (SA-7), Java (SA-9), Espresso (SA-11), Americano (SA-15), Dark Chocolate (SA-117)

Mojave (MH) Series: Almond (MH-02), Pecan (MH-04), Praline (MH-06), Rio Tan (MH-07), Golden Spice (MH-08), Coco Sorbet (MH-10), Brazil Nut (MH-11), Mojave Bronze (MH-12), Brown Suede (MH-14), Semi-Sweet (MH-16), Tanzania (MH-17), Coco Souffle (MH-18) Espresso Bean (MH-20)


 * Indicates discontinued

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