Mehron Setting Powder - Ultra Fine - Shaker Jar

  1. Mehron UltraFine Setting Powder is a finely processed, clump free, setting powder with antiperspirant. Use over any kind of makeup for a shine free, sweat resistant matte finish. Easily washes off with soap and water. Non-comedogenic. Comes in a convenient shaker container that allows maximum control of quantity used and avoids messy spills. Can be set with Barrier Spray for added durability.

Available in Ultra White and Neutral

Ultra white is perfect for makeups that require a bright white finish and need to stay put! Very popular with professional clowns.

* Neutral Set is free of added color and can be used over any color to keep makeup from moving. Although there is no added color to this powder, it appears whitish due to the milling process. To remove the white-ish look, dampen a paper towel with water and pat face, being careful not to smear the makeup.

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