Ben Nye Matte HD Foundation Palettes

Ben Nye's MediaPRO Palettes are brand new! Containing 50% more product and a deeper pan grid, it keeps colors where they belong in your palette and cuts down on cross-contamination. Blending is convenient with the built-in mixing palette, built straight into the case. Sheer, buildable coverage for a perfect no makeup look. Shades blend together effortlessly and look like they are in the skin as opposed to sitting on top of the skin. Not refillable. Net Weight 69 gm./2.4 oz.

If you are looking for refillable palettes, check out Ben Nye's new refillable  Studio Color Palettes

Online only. Ships in 3-5 days. 

Diverse Harmony (HDFP-10) 18 color palette. Creme colors included: Special White (IS-1), Cine Light Beige (CE-3) Natural Beige (BE-3), Shinsei Deep (SH-4), Tan Brulee (NO-9), Sumatra (SA-7) Silky Peach (MM-112), Shinsei Medium (SH-3), Bella 002 (BEL-002), Soft Caramel (NO-7), Au Lait (SA-1), Espresso (SA-11), Cine Fairest (CE-1), Cine Beige (CE-5), Bella 004 (BEL-004), Chinois Medium (IS-35), Mocha (SA-5), Espresso Bean (MH-20)

Olive Brown (HDFP-14) 18 color palette. Creme colors included: Shinsei Fair (SH-2), Soft Caramel (NO-7), Praline (MH-06), Bamboo 15 (BO-15), Bamboo 18 (BO-18), Espresso (SA-11), Almond (MH-02), Bamboo 13 (BO-13), Bamboo 14 (BO-14), Bamboo 16 (BO-16), Mocha (SA-5), Semi-Sweet (MH-16), Shinsei Deep (SH-4), Tan Brulee (NO-9), Au Lait (SA-1), Bamboo 17 (BO-17), Brazil Nut (MH-11), Espresso Bean (MH-20)


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